Boosting our brain strength

August 2020


Wow, we are still going through this together. Thank goodness we have each other. To know I can rest in to our community of like-minded, wellness-oriented kindred spirits helps me stay calm through these scary and uncertain times.


In my 3-day training in August, we discussed how to keep your wellness, and that of your loved ones, at the top of your to-do list, even, or especially, during the pandemic. Over one thousand years ago, Avicenna, the father of early modern medicine recommended that in order to maintain optimal health, we pay attention to nutrition, exercise, and sleep. We’re still figuring this out today, a millennium later! Focus on wellness in an understanding manner, one that spurs us to lead more meaningful lives, reduce suffering, and increase the amount of love in the world. We can create a microcosm of our optimal world in each of our lives. This mentality can change the world.


Boosting our brain strength can help us remain calm. Losing our memory is one of the top concerns of people as they age. Neurogenesis, the growth of a modest number of new neurons, can occur by maintaining a healthy lifestyle, one with a dedication to rigorous exercise.


A few tools that help to keep our minds nimble include paying close attention to your to-do list, use mnemonics like RICE to help remember to rest, ice, compress and elevate a sprained ankle. Eat well to feed your brain. How many meals/week have plates that are half full of fruits and veggies?


And, of course, exercise. Did you know that 23% of Americans don’t get sufficient exercise each week? Is this you? How often do you break a sweat? Get out there and enjoy this last part of summer. The birds are starting to flock here in Montana. Mother Nature in her inexorable swing through the seasons is beginning to blow the summer heat away, making room for autumn, crisp apples, and longer nights.


Stay calm.  Lean into your wellness practices.  I offer you strength, especially if you are caring for an aging loved one. Every day, exercise your brain and body. Be a role model. Step into your place at the table of the elders. You’ve earned that right. People in your life are depending on it.


Join me Sept 21-24 at 1 pm MDT/3 pm EDT in A RAY of Wellness FB group for 4 Days to Wellness Retreat. I’ll have two very special guest speakers: Stephanie Alberts and Teresa D’Angelo who will be leading us in amazing movement seminars. You won’t want to miss it. Come each day and bring anyone you know who wants to move with ease, have less pain, and better sleep habits. See you on 9/21-24 at 1 pm MDT. Win prizes! Meet new friends!


Until then, stay calm and be well.


Much Love,


Owner+Founder ARAY Wellness Coaching


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