Prioritize YOUR Health

April 2020

Prioritize YOUR Health

OK, so here we are, week 6-9 of lockdown for many of us. We’ve watched a lot of the shows and movies we had on our lists. Maybe we cleaned parts of the house and reached out to family and friends.


Is it safe to go out? Isn’t that the $10,000 question? I’m over 60 and am lucky enough to not have to venture out for many items. I’m down to 2 meals/day as my limited lifestyle seems to allow for that. And, I’m launching a 4 day fast! Isn’t this the best time to try something different? Twenty years ago I cured myself of recurring sinus infections by incorporating a myriad of holistic therapies and fasting was one. I’ll describe the process for me. If you are considering a fast, consult with your health provider first.


Set an intention.  I choose 3-10 days fasts. For my 4-day fast, I start tapering down on food intake 4 days before and take 4 days to return to my normal diet. (Once, I craved popcorn during the fast and ate it a few days at the fast’s end and my stomach was not a happy camper!) Today, the last day before I start tomorrow, I’ll have ½ apple for brunch and ½ sweet potato for dinner.


Think about it, when was the last time that you voluntarily chose not to put any food in your stomach for more than 18 hours? Fasting gives our digestive system a well-deserved rest. As I picked up in the show “Outlander,” a person can go 3 minutes without air, 3 days without water, and 3 weeks without food. Who said TV isn’t educational? Remember the feeling after an illness of revitalized wellness, and you were so thankful for your health? I get this physiological boost every time. My body is so grateful for the voluntary re-boot.


One of the amazing benefits of fasting that I realized years ago is an increased awareness of the senses. Colors were amazingly vibrant and I noticed the many hues of green in the spring and yellow, red, and orange in the fall. When I did start eating again, each bite tasted like a gift. The pulp of an apple is now filled with juice and a sweetness that I didn’t notice before. After the fast, there is a new appreciation for food that is only accessible by going without food for several days.


There are 3 classes of cells in your body: those that are just being produced, those that are dying, and the fully functioning cells. When one fasts, the dying cells are digested more quickly as a source of energy for the body. After the fast, the cells that are left are new and/or at the height of their lifecycle. This causes a feeling of rejuvenation and strength. Instead of feeling weaker, at the end of a fast, the body is working at optimal capacity.


Paracelsus, a 16th-century German-Swiss physician, called fasting “the physician within.” When I fast, hydration is my #1 priority. I drink water all day as well as 1-2 quarts of the “faster’s lemonade.” This is a quart of water, the juice of a lemon, 1T maple syrup, and a dash of cayenne. I limit exercise and take naps when the need arises. I see fasting as a jump-start to my system. I feel energized and mentally clear.


If you’re inspired by the idea of prioritizing your wellness and trying something new, let’s talk. Sign up for a free, 30-minute Wellness Planning Session at


Much Love,


Owner+Founder ARAY Wellness Coaching




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