Winter Wellness Begins in Autumn

Sept 2020

Winter Wellness Begins in Autumn


Use these strategies to be well all winter. We’re in this together – I’ll pass on what I know and you do the same. Winter Wellness begins now. Stay healthy all year. Don’t let an illness in the autumn send you down a slippery slope this winter. Last week we finished a 4-day Winter Wellness Begins in Autumn Retreat. You can check out the recordings in the A RAY of Wellness Facebook Group.


How many paths are there for good health? Do you ever feel as though you were born in the wrong time period? When I learned about how easy it was to make extracts, shrubs (an herbal syrup made with vinegar), and elixirs, I felt as though I had discovered the secrets of the ancestors. It’s possible to go back in time and rest in the wisdom of those who have gone before. Good health doesn’t have to be complicated.


Do you have friends who are your accountability buddies? I do, and one is Teresa D’Angelo. Teresa guides people to feel more youthful and stay healthy through mind-body fitness practices that are fun and engaging. She is a teacher and practitioner of the Nia Technique for 15 years and founder of Live Love Move, supporting people in transforming their relationship with pain through gentle movement. Learn more at Teresa taught in Day 3 of the Winter Wellness Begins in Autumn Retreat last week and we learned how our bodies become more resilient to colds and flu through movement.


Get immune strong: body, mind, and soul. Move toward immunity with mindful movement; use recipes and take extracts made with vinegar, glycerine, or alcohol at the first sign of a nose tickle or throat scratch; clear out the sweet drinks from your diet with shrubs, Mellitus or herbal syrups.


Luckily, I have found a healthy outlet for the quasi-addictive streak in my personality. Wells, my husband, and I think we love jig-saw puzzles. There are so many benefits of putting a puzzle together: build partnerships, increase concentration, improve cross-brain strength, become more proficient with suspending judgment, see the world in a new way. There are moments when I think there are extra pieces in the box that don’t belong! and yet when the last piece clicks into place, there is an endorphin rush that lasts, well, until the next puzzle begins. Fair warning: puzzles can become all-consuming! In your life, increase fun and brain strength with one easy idea.


Good health is not rocket science. However, dedication to good health, especially as we age, can be one of the hardest things you’ll ever do. It takes determination and commitment. Think of the seven words of advice from Michael Pollan: “Eat food, not too much, mostly plants.” He says the first two are the most important. It also helps to hear other suggestions for wellness such as: rely on herbal extracts, medicinal syrups, brain health exercises, and mindful movement to improve your immunity to disease.


My grandfather taught me the word “apothecary” when he showed me all of the medications he took. My hope for you is that you find your medicines in plants, movement, and mindfulness.


If you’re interested to discuss where you are on your Path to Wellness, grab a Stay Feisty and Calm Session with me.

 30 minutes could change your Autumn/Winter Wellness and your life!


Much Love,


Owner+Founder ARAY Wellness Coaching



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